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The app is easy to use and useful. The search algorithm based on location is not good.



How to change the language in the app

I used to like the so very much, but I do not know why recently the language in my app became Dutch, and it is absolutely annoying. Anyone who knows how to change the language back to English?

Too big size

82.2 MB for this app! Seriously? Why should I give that much on my device, just for a reviews app, even if I have plenty of storage?

Nice app

Very good app with good recommendations. It became better when came to Brazil and we can find nice places to go in the main cities.


I think the app is pretty good with lots of handy info. However, I think its a little clogged at times making the Swarm app, for instance, be a little easier to use and more intuitive than Yelps. But its still a good app definitely.


Gute App. Funktioniert immer. Gute Hilfe bei Reisen.

Praktisch bei Suche nach guten Restaurants



Tiptop! Funktioniert einwandfrei

Cool local tips

Great for finding awesome restaurants everywhere!

Real user experience

Really good app which is improving constantly and helping me wherever I go :) thumps up.

Good app!

... And what a hilarious update description!

Forced to use app

Any service that forces you to use the app is not worth it. I wanted to leave a review in a busk was and was forced to download the app.


They improved a lot during the years you cant find great places using this app and avoid a lot of bad spots and enjoy reading the one star reviews


I love Yelp the app is phenomenal. I use it when Im looking for places to eat especially when I travel. I write review to truly help businesses know when they are doing a great job or if they need to improve. Also writing review helps others know where to get great food and services !


I like it but am angry that I was forced to download it instead of being able to browse a mobile site.

Restaurant is closed!

Yelp needs to add a function to allow users to notify Yelp when a restaurant ceases to exist. Last week Yelp offered to make a reservation in a nearby town at a place that closed a year ago; I accepted. Town was busy and we were lucky to get a seat at the bar of a new place or wed have gone hungry that night. Users should also be able to add restaurants and report places that are not correctly located on the map.

Away from kids

Worst stay away from home, some anal retentive Neighbours are against people talking and playing cards ...two complaints already "for talking!!!" OMG

No thanks

I just want to quickly look up restaurant reviews on mobile. Every effort to do so on a mobile browser redirects to this app so, fine, Ill download your app. But then you want me to make an account or connect with Facebook just so I can look at restaurant reviews? Totally eliminating the convenience and efficiency of smartphones. Ill just use TripAdvisor, thanks.

Awful to use

Dont bother with this app, they force you to it if you try to read reviews on your phone, but dont bother, just get your reviews elsewhere

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