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Need a notes section on the Yelp Ap

I use the Bookmark function to build my restaurant list but it would be great to have the ability to add notes to remind myself where I heard of the place, best dish etc. Thanks.

Forced to use app

I dont want or need this app. My browser is fine. Cannot post to yelp without app. This is illegal!

Home Depot

I went to Home Depot yesterday planning to buy a custom bathroom countertop and vanity. I was told by the sales person that they would not sell me a countertop unless I use their installer. I plan to install the countertop myself and dont need to spend an extra $700 using their installer. Long story short, they lost the sale and my future business. Strange business model.

Yelp review

I have to download the app to use the site??? Thats insane.

Great Experience

We thoroughly enjoyed Kyle- he was an awesome waiter; charming, attentive and he turned a simple meal into a special experience. The mushroom pancetta pizza, butter lettuce and bacon salad and the Prime burger were all incredible- plus some freshly baked bread with creamy nonsalted butter. Two thumbs up from my sister and me for this pre-ballet dining experience!


Livet , Should say leave it. As in leave it alone. $40 entrée steak that came from the kitchen cold. A small hurricane of freezing cold wind every time the doors open. It would appear this restaurant is trying to be something it is not. Watched three people slip on the floor including one of the staff. $14 for french fries. I dont mind paying top dollar for top dollar cuisine ,but the food here was substandard. This place is going to be out of business in less than two years.

Pierce at Kearny Mesa Kia

I had the pleasure of working with Pierce at the Kearny Mesa Kia. He is very down to earth, friendly, intelligent, and funny. I specifically requested a mellow salesperson when I contacted the dealership because I like them the best. I am very happy with Pierce. He makes the experience of buying a car enjoyable and fast. My father also likes Pierce. He thought that Pierce was knowledgeable and friendly. We highly recommend requesting Pierce as your salesman. You will be happy you did. -Thank you for your help, Pierce! - Lisa Tattoli

Awesome app

I am very satisfied with this app. It gives me great references and reviews for almost anything that I am looking for

Purple Sista - Wrong Place.

You dont put the reviews for the restaurant on the reviews for the app... This is for saying whats wrong with the app or whats good with it, not the place you went to eat. Thats the whole point of the app and its very easy to access I dont know how you could brainfart this bad.


Since the new ownership, they have 12 year old kids running the show. I used to come from L.A. to eat here which is about a 20 mile commute each way. Ordered the steak and cheese sandwich like I normally do and they forgot the cheese. I showed them the sandwich to ask where the cheese was the the 12 year old child that was cashiering said "right there". I was in shock and walked away and told them that we will not be coming from L.A. to eat here anymore. What a shame, this place used to be nice to come to.

Tried to go to

Tried to go to a website and it opened up Yelp on the App Store. Wth? Garbage


Know what would be cool? If every time I opened the app it didnt ask me to review it in the App Store.

Yelp is great

Great app. Love yelp.

Must have app

My favorite app on my phone. I use it daily.

forced to download app??

I downloaded the app just so I could review it and express that its complete crap that the website forces you to download an app to peruse its services. What kind of practice is this? I will avoid yelp at all costs. Not only because of this, but also because of their questionable practices of censoring legitimate reviews for monetary gain. Way to go Yelp! You used to be a reliable service.


Avoid this place. Long wait for high priced mediocre burger.

Good App

I use Yelp whenever I need to find a good place to eat, so far it has never led me astray! I dont understand why there are so many reviews of the app posted for individual businesses?! But anyway, the app is occasionally buggy and will close on its own. I dont eat at a place without Yelping it first, so this app is very handy for that.

Great app

Highly useful application, well rated establishments rarely disappoint

Yelper yelping on the Yelp APP

Love this app. Allows Yelpers to provide opinions to others based on recent experiences. Overall the app is intuitive and is easy to use.

Mayfair Midland Park New Jersey poor service

I went to Mayfair for a window repair. The guy behind the counter was so rude it was unbelievable. He stated "We dont do that type of work!!". As if I insulted him by asking him to do a repair. Zero customer service skills. I own a house of 28 windows you can trust I will never use Mayfair, I will advise all family and friends not to use the services. If you want to be treated really bad go to Mayfair.

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